Cloud computing for every use

Intuitive Cloud computing for all types of use. Qual.IT offers innovative, end-user oriented solutions that combine cutting-edge technology with the best value-for-money on the market. Choose the way you want to use it and deploy your services via our infrastructure.

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Web hosting

Are you a webmaster looking for a dedicated environment for your website ?  Order your single site hosting and your domain name in just a few clicks. Qual.IT also gives you access to a range of installable CMS with one click on your web server.

Internet pros - use the Cloud to host your clients’ websites and applications in a scalable, multisite web environment. With Qual.IT you can manage the adding of resources in line with your needs.

Collaborative tools

Cloud computing allows businesses to maximize their profitability by offering their people remote access tools combined with maximum data security and reduced costs.

Virtual work space, CRM, ERP, file storage, etc.  Managing your business in the Cloud is child’s play wherever you are and without the constraints linked to using software installed on a fixed device.

Development & testing

Qual.IT offers you a full range of services enabling you to develop and test your applications in the Cloud with all the flexibility you need in your working environment.

Demonstration platform, application development using proprietary software suites, Web development, and also benchmarking prior to deployment of an application. Our testing and development environments have everything you need.


Qual.IT makes Cloud computing accessible to all with its tried and tested turnkey solutions. As a private user looking for a friendly service, you can now access solutions that were once reserved for big business.

Store your files in our secure infrastructure, use our services as a media center for all your devices (PC, Smartphone, and tablet), talk to your friends using our video-conferencing tools.

Virtual machines

Qual.IT’s virtual machines deliver a highly customizable and flexible infrastructure that grows with your needs. Choose the initial configuration of your VMs, their number, and deploy the services of your choice in a fully dedicated environment.

The infrastructure can adapt to your new business requirements at any time. You can add new virtual machines and get new hardware resources from your Qual.IT manager in just a few minutes.

Windows Server 2008 R2 et 2012, Ubuntu, Debian and Suse Enterprise