Join the Qual.IT resellers program

Are you a Web agency, Cloud solutions developer, software vendor, IT consultancy or SAAS hosting provider and want to meet your clients' Cloud computing needs ? The Qual.IT Resellers program gives you the strength of our infrastructure to develop your Cloud services. Join a network of partners offering innovative and reliable services.

serveurs virtuels pour particuliersDo you want to become a reseller? Contact the Qual.IT team

The Qual.IT reseller program is designed to help you develop your business and maximize profits. By using our Cloud you can access innovative solutions that already satisfy hundreds of clients.

Work with Qual.IT to boost your Cloud services

Qual.IT is a Cloud Computing operator offering innovative self-service products. Our Cloud is intuitive to all types of users while offering services at the cutting-edge of technology.

Thanks to our complete data reversibility and default reinforced security, we have removed the two main barriers to cloud computing. One feature of our service is the streamline self-service administration delegated to each of our clients and integrated into the Qual.IT Control Panel. In addition to adapating their resources to their real needs, every client can fully manage their environment in just a few clicks.

The benefits of the Qual.IT Reseller program

By becoming a reseller you will sell solutions based on security, performance and transparency and will benefit from the support that Qual.IT provides its partners. Our resellers receive all the benefits of our expertise without the costs and complications associated with managing a complex technical infrastructure. As a partner you will concentrate on developing your products based on the Qual.IT infrastructure.

Are you a software vendor ? We will integrate your applications and offer our expertise to deliver your services as SAAS or IAAS. Belonging to our partner network will ensure you receive support in the development of your products, as well as marketing and sales support and a privileged relationship with our technical experts.

How to become a Qual.IT reseller

Do you want to broaden your Public Cloud offering ? Are you responsible for renewing your clients' IT systems ? Do you want to know more about our reseller program ? Contact us.