Cloud for companies

An optimized Cloud platform requires advanced technology in several domains : storage, networks, systems, virtualization, Web development, and security. Qual.IT makes the best of these areas available to its clients and adds to it its own unique expertise in process automation.

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"Private Cloud" offer

Qual.IT offers its clients expertise in cutting edge hardware technology, IT security, virtualization, and the orchestration of IT processes.

This skill set means Qual.IT offers the best in each of these areas.

Are you a software publisher, a SAAS hoster or an IT provider ? Do you want to invest in a flexible, durable, Cloud solution ?  Arrange a meeting with Qual.IT's team of expert advisers.

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Standardization and automation of your IT processes

Information technology is continually evolving and the resulting challenges for service provision are growing daily. In a company environment, each area of business relies on one or more IT processes. In a world where communication must be ever more flexible and efficient, it is paramount to examine the way in which these processes interact.

The work of a Chief Information Officer today has evolved. Its job is about more than just maintaining the stability of information systems. Now it has to guarantee the efficiency of every area of its services. More and more companies are looking at the orchestration of their IT processes and the resulting savings in production costs.

Qual.IT will take care of your project from beginning to end, from the audit to the complete restructuring of your IT processes.

Standardization and automation of your IT processes

Production platforms, scalability, and pre-production platforms

Cloud is an effective way to make your company save money and time. With just a few clicks you can create an entirely dedicated and secure platform hosted by data centers in the Paris region of France.

Outsourcing of your hosted services

Classic outsourcing pasckages (see SLAs)
  • 5 level1* tickets per month,
  • Application of security patches,
  • Management of daily backups and restores.
Company outsourcing pasckage (see SLAs)
  • 5 level1 tickets per month, 2 level2** tickets per month,
  • Application of security patches,
  • Management of daily backups and restores,
  • Migration of OS versions with data restore.

Qualit's added value

To find out more about offers and services for companies, feel free to contact the Qual.IT team and tell what time best suits you.  An expert will call you back to discuss your needs.