FAQ : offers and orders

What is a virtual server ?

Virtualization is a method of partitioning a physical server into several independent virtual servers, each of which has the characteristics of a dedicated server : this is referred to as “VM” (Virtual Machine) or “VPS/VDS” (Virtual Private Server / Virtual Dedicated Server).

As for a dedicated physical server you have access to the administration of your virtual machine and can add the applications of your choice.

Will my server be functional all the time ?

Qual.IT guarantees to its clients that the infrastructure will be highly available and does its utmost so that your infrastructure is operational at all times. You can, if you wish, put in sleep mode or switch off your machine from your private space.

How much do the additional resources cost ?

Whether it concerns the ordering process for a new solution or adding additional resources related to an existing solution, the unit price of each additional feature is specifically displayed on the corresponding page.

How much do operating systems cost ?

The operating system installed on your machine doesn't cost you anything. It is totally provided by Qual.IT (except Suse Enterprise) and has no impact on the rental cost.

Can I change my current contract offer ?

Yes of course. You can change your solution's characteristics via your private space at any time.

Is it possible to change a solution temporarily ?

No, for the moment it is not possible to change a solution for a few days before returning to the server's initial characteristics.

Can I downgrade the characteristics of my offer ?

For technical reasons, this is not possible for the moment. Solutions can only be improved.

What is the duration ?

You can decide the rental duration you want at the time you place a new order or renew an existing solution. Qual.IT currently offers the following rental terms : one month, three months, six months and one year.

What are the payment options ?

To be able to use our services immediately, you can pay by Credit Card, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. For any other means of payment please contact the team.

How soon must I pay for my solution ?

Every order is payable immediately. No delay in payment is possible for the moment.

How can I upgrade my offer ?

You can switch to a more efficient solution or add additional resources via your private space. You will find a link "Improve the solution" in your virtual servers' list.