Manage your Web server with ISPConfig 3

Qual.IT offers you a comprehensive Web environment for multisite management on a dedicated virtual server. With ISPConfig 3, you can manage databases, e-mails, FTP access, domain names and much more with just a few clicks. With a big range of software, you can optimize your Web services' performance.

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ISPConfig 3, the best open-source interface for Web Hosting

The ISPConfig 3 control panel allows you to monitor your multisite servers with its intuitive web interface and advanced features. You don't need to have knowledge of Linux server administration to manage your Web hosting and e-mails from a browser. In addition, ISPConfig 3 automates many tasks, optimizing your websites' resource consumption and performance.

ISPConfig 3 Interface features

Web Hosting

  • Management of Domain names, subdomains,
  • Virtual hosts, Apache configuration,
  • Administration of MySQL databases.

Electronic messaging

  • Creating accounts and aliases, mailing lists,
  • Redirects, automatic responses,
  • Anti-virus, anti-spam, e-mail quota.

Storage and FTP areas

  • FTP accounts linked to your site, disk quota,
  • Password-protected storage spaces,
  • Scheduled Backups.

Why do I need a comprehensive Web environment?

All Web professionals express the same need : to have a stable and easy to use hosting solution. This is why the administrative interfaces of Web servers allow an intuitive website management. Qual.IT goes further by offering a set of software that will facilitate the management of your websites on a daily basis, in addition to the ISPConfig 3 web administrative interface :

Web server
  • Bind : the most commonly used DNS (Domain Name System),
  • Apache 2 : the most well-known multi-platform HTTP server,
  • PHP 5 : scripting language used to develop dynamic web pages via an HTTP server,
  • Binutils : collection of development tools (includes an editor and assembler, among others)
  • Rkhunter : Rootkit detection program,
  • Fcgi : FastCgi technique for CGI script optimization,
  • SuEXEC : run CGI or SSI program as a different user than the one running the HTTP server,
  • Pear : PHP framework,
  • XCache : PHP accelerator, enables caching of already compiled PHP code,
  • Mcrypt : Encrypt and decrypt data in PHP,
  • Vim : the most commonly used text editor,
  • Webalizer : graphical interface for analyzing the use of web servers,
  • Awstats : another respected program for consulting the use of web servers,
  • Fail2ban : analyzes log files and bans IP addresses that try to penetrate the system.
Databases and FTP
  • MySQL : One of the most popular database management systems,
  • PhpMyAdmin : MySQL database manager,
  • Pureftp : FTP server allowing you to manage FTP areas related to your sites or storage areas.
E-mail addresses and messaging
  • Postfix : mail server,
  • Dovecot : IMAP and POP3 server,
  • Mailman : Mailing lists manager,
  • Roundcube : Postfix server's webmail interface,
  • Clamav : antivirus used to block emails containing viruses,
  • Spamassassin : Spam filter usually used with Postfix.

Additional Information

In a few minutes, you will receive your multisite Web server, with an email confirming the installation of the ready-to-use Web environment, including your ISPConfig 3 interface login information.

Ports automatically open

20, 21, 22, 25, 53 (tcp and udp), 80, 110, 143, 587, 993, 995 and 8080.

ISPConfig 3 - Managed Services

HTTPD (virtual hosts, domain and Fixed IP), FTP Server, DNS (A, CNAME, MX and SPF Records), sub-domains, POP3 auto-responder, MySQL client database, Webalizer statistics, disk quota, e-mail quota, limiting traffic, multi-IP address, SSL and certificates for sites, CGI folders, domain forwarding, SSI, Shell access, e-mail scanner, primary and secondary DNS, firewall software, standard index and error pages for each domain.