Manage your organization with OpenERP 7

Order your OpenERP server

Qual.IT provides a complete OpenERP 7 installation on a dedicated virtual server. OpenERP 7 is the world’s most widely used open-source ERP platform, integrating an RPC-XML development interface with a wide range of infinitely customizable functions including over 3,000 installable modules.

OpenERP 7 features


  • Order workflows,
  • Recurring orders,
  • Price list,
  • EDI module,
  • Stock reordering tool.


  • Employee data,
  • Contracts of employment,
  • Planning and scheduling,
  • Vacation leave management,
  • Professional fees.

Electronic data management

  • Document attachments,
  • Process documentation,
  • Wiki integration,
  • Document sharing,
  • Knowledge base.


  • Orders and quotations,
  • Products and list prices,
  • Transaction management,
  • Invoicing,
  • Settlement and delivery tracking.


  • Segmentation,
  • Lead management,
  • Customer relationship tracking and recording,
  • Contact management,
  • Mail merge function..

Operations Management

  • Management accounting,
  • Dashboards and KPIs,
  • Balanced scorecard,
  • Budget management,
  • Performance analysis..

Accounting and finance

  • General ledger accounting,
  • Financial documents,
  • Analytical and management accounts,
  • Budgetary processes,
  • Cost allocation.


  • Range of manufacturing resources,
  • Bill of materials ,
  • Production ordering,
  • Automatic purchase ordering..


  • Online store integrated with OpenERP,
  • Secure data transfer,
  • Consistent processing rules,
  • Multichannel,
  • Secure environment..

Warehouse Management

  • Inventory tracking,
  • Financial flows,
  • Production and delivery scheduling,
  • Complex routing,
  • Vendor-managed inventory.

Project Management

  • Multi-project,
  • Internal controls,
  • Diagrammatic representation,
  • Integrated invoicing,
  • Overview and work package management..


  • Concepts and information,
  • Screens and reports,
  • Workflows,
  • Processes.

Additional Information

Within a few minutes, your server will be set up and ready for use, including an automated installation of OpenERP. A quick start guide will be sent by e-mail, together with information on how to connect to the OpenERP 7 interface.

Potential conflicts

Do not install any secondary applications from our library if you use OpenERP. Qual.IT cannot be held responsible for any system conflicts under these circumstance.

SSL Encryption

An Nginx SSL proxy is configured to secure the OpenERP connection over port 4343 (which is automatically opened) with a self-signed certificate (AES 256 encryption).