Cloud Webagency solutions
  • Operating System : Ubuntu 12.04 lts (English), SSH root access
  • Dedicated Web environment
  • Open-source management interface ISPConfig 3

Qual.IT manager features :

  • Manage your Cloud access rules
  • Manage incoming/outgoing flows on hardware firewalls
  • Snapshots management (up to 2 in parallel)
  • Secondary DNS management
  • Default settings restoration

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Installation :
Number of processors
The Qual.IT virtual servers comprise Intel® Xeon® E5-2650L processors rated 1.80GHz.
On request your virtual machines can get up to 32 virtual processors.


The Qual.IT virtual servers comprise a RAM memory of RDIMM 1333MHz.
On requests your virtual machines can get up to 160GB of RAM.


Disk Space
  • RAID 5, RAID 10 dedicated LUNs
  • Qual.IT storage uses Dell Compellent technology to ensure premium performance.


Traffic is the amount of data exchanged (inbound/outbound) between your Cloud and Internet.


Availability rate

Choose the availability rate suited to your needs

  • 99.9% - Virtualization and service protection and hosted data with disaster recovery plan in case of an incident.
  • 99.95% - Clustered virtualization providing a tolerance increased by redundancy : the reserved resources are doubled to ensure continuity of service in case of a hardware failure.

Payment method
  • Full payment - choose this method of payment if you want to pay immediately all of your commitment
  • Subscription - Your credit card will be monthly charged at the due date. You can cancel your subscription anytime

Lease term

At any time you can renew lease term in a few clicks from your manager.

2 months free for any commitment of 12 months