Press release

May 30, 2013

Qual.IT enhances its IAAS self-service

Major Cloud computing specialist in IAAS and PAAS, Qual.IT Cloud Services launch their new Web site offering a self-service solution with high added value. Without limitation of the number of machines per client and benefitting from optimal security, Qual.IT highlights the new features in the international market.

A French Cloud not subject to the Patriot Act

While the cloud computing market, particularly IAAS, is experiencing strong growth globally, French customers are still reluctant to move to "the cloud."  On the other hand, a media storm undermines the dominant Cloud made in France, which is alleged to be in trouble with the submission to the Patriot Act.

Qual.IT, a French company based in France (Paris datacenters) offers an IAAS solution totally out of reach of the Patriot Act. Thus customer’s data is protected by the French court and cannot be used or analysed by others.

IAAS and PAAS Solution

Qual.IT customers are mainly SME’s interested in reducing their cost of production, reliable IT and wanting to benefit from a high level of service. With a guaranteed uptime of 99.95 % and increased resource redundancy, Qual.IT offers a range previously reserved for large corporations.

Accessible self-service, virtual infrastructures are fully customizable and delivered in less than five minutes. The offer is clear, the client can determine the level of service he wants and see immediately the cost of the environment. No minute billing or user charges : the Qual.IT environments are dedicated.

Public Cloud, private Cloud

Based on a self-service solution, the Qual.IT IAAS offering is for companies and individuals who want to use an efficient virtual infrastructure. Owning its infrastructure and its cloud solution, the Qual.IT offering is scalable, so it is possible to control as many virtual environments as needed. Qual.IT also offers its expertise in the areas of hardware technology, IT security, virtualization and IT process orchestration. This range of expertise enables us to offer to SAAS hosters and SSII flexible and sustainable "private cloud" solutions.

Added Value of the Qual.IT IAAS Offering

The added value of Qual.IT’s Cloud Services reside in the support and the level of security provided. The highlights of the new features included in Qual.IT’s offer and reliable infrastructure are as follows :