Qual.IT is hiring

Qual.IT is a young French start-up in the Cloud Computing sector offering high end, self-service and supported IAAS and PAAS hosting. Qual.IT is fast growing and has gained over 200 clients in just a few months, attracted by its ergonomy, quality and cost effectiveness.

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Is IT your thing ? Do you have talent and need to express it ? Would you like to be part of the development of a start-up with big ideas ? Become part of the Qual.IT adventure !

Business engineer specializing in Cloud Computing

Business manager in Cloud Computing for its commercial hub. The successful candidate will have a business school qualification and 5 years experience in a marketing or pre-sales environment and will be responsible for growing the prospects portfolio. They will also participate proactively in the financial planning of the company’s offering.

They will be fully supported by a team of technical engineers in the compilation of responses to tenders. They should be a serious technophile with a sharp business sense who would like to work in a young dynamic atmosphere.

Responsible to the directors, their mission will be
  • To develop the client portfolio,
  • To respond to tenders,
  • To manage meetings with clients,
  • To promote client loyalty,
  • To establish commercial partnerships,
  • To participate in events around the theme of Cloud Computing,
  • To develop competitive intelligence.
Operational skills required
  • Knowledge of Cloud Computing,
  • Excellent inter-personal skills,
  • Excellent editorial skills,
  • Flexibility,
  • Optimum use of professional social networks.
Additional information
  • Teleworking possible,
  • Fixed + variable salary based on objectives, open to discussion depending on profile.

Trainee orchestration engineer

The company is looking for a trainee orchestration engineer nearing the end of their college/university course for their engineering development hub. The successful candidate must be a rigorous but sociable technophile who would like to work in a young, dynamic atmosphere.

Working under the responsibility of the CTO, the mission will be
  • The development of the applications catalog and OS,
  • The critical maintenance of the orchestration workflows,
  • Active participation in infrastructure development projects,
  • The development and modelling of orchestration workflows,
  • The production of video tutorials and texts for the Qual.IT Blog community.
Technical skills required
  • OS : Windows 2012 Server, Windows 2008 R2 Sp1, Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS, Suse, Debian),
  • Virtualization : Hyper V3,
  • Language : Powershell 2 & 3,
  • Database : SQL Server 2008 R2, SQL Server 2012.
Skills to be acquired during the traineeship
  • Orchestration software : System Center Orchestrator,
  • Language : Powershell 3.
Optional skills
  • Network : Firewall Cisco, Force10,
  • Hardware : Chassis blades M1000,
  • Storage : SAN technologies.
Additional information
  • Post based permanently at Puteaux, quartier La Défense (92), Paris, France (except if trainee wants to work in the field),
  • Option for part-time teleworking,
    Fixed salary subject to discussion and profile.

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