Secure payment

Qual.IT Cloud’s solutions are easily customizable, to suit to your needs and can be ordered from our self-service portal with secure payment. We offer our customers different modes and ways of payment and we guarantee transparency in pricing and invoicing of your dedicated Cloud solutions.

Qual.IT Cloud’s payment means

payment means

Qual.IT Cloud offers its customers various payment means. In case of instant payment, your solution delivery will occur in a few minutes; differed payments for their part, require validation prior before your service delivery. Qual.IT Cloud chose the PayZen solution for secure transaction management.

Immediate payment, instant delivery Deferred payment and delivery
MasterCard, Maestro Bank check
Blue card, Virtual Blue card National bank transfer
Visa, Visa Electron International bank transfer
Paypal Automatic levy

Engagement mode choice

Qual.IT Cloud’s configurator allows you to choose your solution’s payment mode.

The monthly subscription, without commitment, provides flexibility in funding your Cloud solution and saves the service interruption risk, if you forget manual renewal. Automatically renewed every month, your subscription can be canceled at any time without charge.

Full payment allows you to receive discounts on your material resources and engages you for a period ranging from 1 month to 1 year. The renewal of a solution is done via the manager; you will receive a notification when the expiration date approaches, prompting you to re-engage over the period of your choice.

Engagement 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year
Discount No discount 3 % 8 % 17 %

First order

In order to proceed your first purchase and manage your solutions, you will have to create a Qual.IT Cloud customer account. Validating your registration is easily done with a few clicks and provides a higher security level towards your data’s confidentiality.