Press release

August 16, 2013

Cloud computing security is not a choice !

According to the study “TechInsight Report : Cloud Succeeds. Now What ?” made by CA technologies, 46 % of the 542 European and American companies surveyed claim that the main obstacle to migrating an application to the Cloud is security. Is the cloud really secure ? Until now, it was a costly option available only to big companies and rarely found as a self-service.

That’s what led Qual.IT to propose its highly secured self-service IAAS offer. From now on, any client can control his or her virtual environment with a few clicks, taking advantage of a platform as secure as that of a big company in less than seven minutes.

By default, each platform is protected behind powerful hardware firewalls and isolated in its own VLAN. The use of cutting edge network technologies combined with our own creations allows us to break free from the traditional limitation of 4096 VLANs. We can automatically address more than 16 million VLANs !

From their dedicated manager, our clients can manage themselves the attribution of their servers to their VLANs. By default, they can use as many VLANs as there are servers. Also from the dedicated manager, our clients can manage themselves the opening and closing of ports on the firewalls in advance.