Site accessibility policy

To be able to offer a service that is accessible to everyone, the site has adopted an accessibility policy as consistent as possible with current standards and offers several means and navigation facilities in the showcase site and private space.

Display size

To modify the display size of the text :

Tabbing navigation

Press Tab and repeat until the desired link is selected. Enter to confirm.

Short cut links

Three links are present at the top of each page; they allow direct access to the menu or page content as well as a link to the site accessibility presentation page.

Browser shortcuts

Structure and presentation

The use of CSS positioning properties, by completely separating presentation and content, allow documents to maintain a consistent order excluding CSS : title, content, menus. The layout of this site is based solely on external style sheets.

The pages are structured using titles h1...h6, used in the appropriate order.  Information forming lists of items are tagged using elements ul, ol and dl.


A text equivalent is provided via the alt attribute of significant images, when they are not specifically described in the text they illustrate. The alt attribute of non-significant images is empty. The layout does not use invisible images (priority 1).

The images are only used when there is no XHTML element to transmit the relevant information (priority 2).

Scripts and image galleries

All scripts generating a visual animation can be paused by keyboard or mouse. In every page of product presentation it is possible to navigate from one enlarged image to another by using the arrow keys or the mouse. The enlargement can also be closed by pressing the Esc key or by clicking on the image with the mouse.


Tables are used on this site for data structuration and not for presentation.


Each visible form element is associated with a label element to avoid incorrect treatment of empty controls; default values are included in the text boxes.